Scheduling & Fees

1. When you call our office to schedule a mediation, you will be asked to choose between a Half-Day or a Full-Day session.

Half-day Session

A Half-Day session will begin either at 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. (A Three Hour Minimum is applied for a Half-Day session.)

Full-day Session

A Full-Day session allows you to reserve a full day, usually beginning at 9:00 a.m., but flexible according to the needs of the parties. (A Seven Hour Minimum is applied for a Full-Day session.)

2. An Administration Fee of $275.00 is charged to cover Scheduling and Pre-Session review and Preparation.

3. Mediation Services are billed at a rate of $275.00 per hour for In-Session time in addition to the Administrative Fee. The actual hours billed will be reflected on the invoice if they exceed the minimums as noted above.

4. Multi-Party Cases: If more than two conference rooms are requested by the parties, an additional facility fee will be charged as follows: $100.00 per additional room for a Half-Day Session and $200.00 per room for a Full-Day session. The costs will borne equally by the parties unless the parties agree otherwise.

(The above rates are effective February 1, 2022.)

Mediation Outreach Program

Mediation Outreach Program (Within the State of Oklahoma)

    1. Base Mediation Fee for Half-Day or Full-Day session remains the same
    2. Travel time of Mediator: $100.00 per hour
    3. Mileage to and from our offices to the mediation site will be billed at the prevailing IRS rate
    4. Tolls and parking charges will be billed at their actual costs

Video Conferencing Available

We welcome the opportunity to provide Video Conferencing as an alternative for your Mediation needs.

We use the Zoom platform to host the Mediation Session. We have been conducting Zoom mediations since March, 2020.

Please contact us to schedule your Mediation by Video Conferencing or to answer any questions you may have about the process.